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100% Pure Forskolin Extract Slimming Pills


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Date Added: 08/18/2016 by Donna Gill
just got my order and I can already feel the difference. I have tons more energy and I hope it will help me lose 10 to 15 lbs of belly Ive been trying to get rid of for awhile. I will come back in a month and tell you my results. Started taking February 13th and starting weight is 145 on a 5'3 frame. Im top heavy so all my weight is at waist and above. Working at a desk job keeps me sitting 9 hours a day so I do as much moving around (house cleaning) on weekends. Keeping my fingers crossed

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Date Added: 08/03/2016 by Kristy Curtis
The first few days I didn't notice anything, but then I started dropping lower than my usual fluctuations, and I didn't go back up! I have been eating healthy for years and exercising moderately. I didn't change a thing except to add this product to my nighttime routine as directed. I've now lost over 5 pounds and I'm still going strong. It's not much and it's not dramatic, but it's helping me to lose weight and I love that.

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Date Added: 07/28/2016 by Kim Thomas
This is a WONDERFUL supplement to add to your daily vitamins! It will help with you on your journey to weight loss. It is a supplement not a "miracle pill" should be combined with a healthy lifestyle of eating right and working out. I'd been eating right and working out but wasn't really loosing much until I started taking this! I lost 18.5lbs in the first month! Before I was averaging 5-8lbs a month! I am hooked!

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Date Added: 07/21/2016 by Mindy Joseph
I lost 25 pounds taking this over 3 months. It notably crushed my appetite which is no easy feat. I feel very good!

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Date Added: 07/16/2016 by Maureen Lane
It's been a couple weeks and I wanted to say that after the first 2 times of taking this, I did not feel that crazy energy, let's go kick some butt at the gym feeling I got the first couple times. It does hinder my appetite a bit but only when I take it on an empty stomach with water. Usually this is what I have to do in the mornings to feel a bit of energy now. I will usually be hungry about 4hrs after taking it. If taken with food, I don't notice any difference. I've lost 2 lbs so far, but it could be a combo of just my exercise/diet changes in the past couple weeks. I also noticed that most of the reviewers rating this 5 stars have only reviewed this ONE product. It's a big red flag because no matter how real they seem, it just seems fishy. I will continue to give this a try and see if it does work for me over time. If not, I definitely want my $$ back.

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Date Added: 07/11/2016 by Dawn Payne
I had a small problem with Amazon but it was worked out very well. Impulse Body Labs also made it right for me. Great Customer Service..

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Date Added: 07/05/2016 by Denise Fields
these pills are awesome with no side effects no jitter i dont feel weird or funny at all i actually would forget that i had taken them if i hadn't been hungry at my normal lunch time.I also find that have a large amount of energy AFTER work which is amazing because i usually want to go home and pass out. I know these are working because my kid has even asked why am i not napping after work. Although I purchased this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review I have made sure to be as honest as possible for consumers in order to give a good understanding of the product as well as the seller and the way I received the product delivered.

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Date Added: 06/30/2016 by Erin Griffin
I am absolutely impressed with this product. I thought, 'night time fat-burner, right....' It's not a joke, this stuff is spot on, it works. I started taking this product 6 days ago, at 191 lbs, I had hit a plateau in my weight loss, and had only been losing around 1 lb per week. I'm 186 lbs 6 days later, with no change to my diet, and honestly, less work out time. My original goal before was 3 lb per week, which I had been hitting for about 4 weeks straight. I just can't express how impressed I am with this product, all I can say is it works. The capsules are easy to take, and don't leave any aftertaste. These do have melatonin in them

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Date Added: 06/25/2016 by Frances Burns
Omg. Its been a week since I got my pills and I lost 7 pounds! I have never been so happy in my life. I think a lot of reasons why some pills don't work on people are because they don't drink enough water. But anyways...hallelujah!

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Date Added: 06/20/2016 by Margarita Griffin
I am currently 245lbs at 6ft 2 as of this writing having lost 12 lbs in about 4 weeks. I attribute my success to 3 things.

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