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Cho Yung Tea
[Cho Yung Tea]


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Date Added: 04/18/2016 by Rosie Stevenson
I am excited to see the difference when I begin taking the correct dosage now that I have received my second bottle.

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Date Added: 04/15/2016 by Brandi Carpenter
This is a great product! I started noticing a difference in my stomach and hips within a couple weeks. I will recommend this product

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Date Added: 01/12/2016 by Marie Padilla
I have been using this product since Sept 2013. Drink lots of water with this and also continue to exercise. I have lost weight and with the other benefit's this brings, I love it.

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Date Added: 11/23/2015 by Claire Pearson
Had taken this product for approximately 7 weeks and lost an incredible 18 lbs. without even trying. Felt great. No cravings for snacks. No weird side effects.

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