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Green Coffee 800
[Green Coffee 800]


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Date Added: 04/18/2016 by Peggy Lindsey
This is a quality product that I have been using regularly for the past month, to great effect. I'm taking their maximum recommended dosage of 3 pills/ meal, which is quite a mouthful, but totally worth it.

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Date Added: 04/15/2016 by Lynette Holloway
Great quality product. I feel more energy and have seen a change in my body composition thus far.

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Date Added: 01/12/2016 by Shelley Mendoza
I found this product to do exactly what it described. I took 1 pill about a half hour before breakfast, and noticed i would eat less and stay fuller longer.

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Date Added: 12/18/2015 by Doris Gross
This product is awesome and is great for weight loss, I was not extremely overweight but wanted to lose a few pounds and this product has done that for me. I have taken it for about a month and am down to 148.

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