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Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel
[Botanical Slimming Soft Gel]


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Date Added: 08/19/2016 by Amy Strickland
I have been using this meizitang botaniccal soft gel for about 10 days, I am already losing weight and have more energy, I feel better over all through out my work day, it suppresses your appetite I have started sharing my lunch meal with a co worker because I'm just not as hungry.

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Date Added: 08/04/2016 by Desiree Drake
This meizitang botanical product has great packaging and easy to read instructions. I bought them for my husband and he has been taking this for a few days and says he doesn't feel much different, only noticed a change in not wanting to snack as much. He doesn't get sick or jittery from the pills like some will make you feel. I will update this post once he finishes the bottle.

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Date Added: 07/29/2016 by Rachael Barber
My wife and I have been married for 10 years and both of us are suffering from high cholesterol and hypertension. Our doctor told us to loosen some of our extra fats to maintain a healthy body. Both of us knew it would be so difficult to do so, but when we were introduced with this stuff, we were surprised to see both of us getting slimmer day by day. Thanks to you, we became one of the healthiest and happiest couple

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Date Added: 07/22/2016 by Isabel Phillips
I think what made these pills work so well for me was how well they suppress my appetite. I'm actually getting results now with the help of these. One of the hardest parts of weight loss is keeping my appetite under control and not being hungry. They're worth every penny, especially if you want results.

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Date Added: 07/18/2016 by Bobbie Owen
I’ve been taking this product for a week now, and it seems to be working. I workout daily and eat almost the exact same thing every day (perks of being a young, single guy—I make the same food in bulk and eat it at roughly the same times every day). As such, my weight fluctuates very little from day to day. I think for the past year I’ve hovered at almost exactly 180. With summer quickly approaching (ok, a few months out but it’s never too early to begin prepping!) I decided to give this a try. I’m down to 177 pounds in the last week, which is big for me because I really haven’t changed anything else in my life. I don’t think this means I’ll lose 12 pounds a month, but I’ll finish out the bottle over the next 2 months and I’m hoping to end at a ripped 170.

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Date Added: 07/12/2016 by Alma Perkins
This product came in very well sealed which is very important to me. I have been taking it for a few days now. I take one in the morning and one in the afternoons. It has a little taste to it but if you swollowed quickly it is not bad at all. I had bought this product before byt from a different company. In the past all it did is gave me loose stool. Well this product actually gives me energy for sure. But it does not make me feel gittery like some other products. I like that feeling that I want to get off the couch and do things. As far as appetite suppressant goes it did help me. Now not as much as some other product I had tried in the past, but it definitely helped me decrease the amount of food I eat throughout the day. But just as any other product I am sure that it will have different effect on everybody.

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Date Added: 07/06/2016 by Catherine Thornton
Before I get into this review I will say I am 4'11 and normally weigh about 114-118lbs normally and my weight would fluctuate daily losing and gaining these 5lbs..... I am 28 years old and about a year ago I had unexplained weight gain putting me at 124lbs. Being so short this is not a weight I felt happy with and it didn't feel healthy. I felt very uncomfortable and wasn't fitting into any of my clothes. I am VERY active. I work full-time, school full-time, and I go to the gym. From the time I wake up normally (6am) to the time I finish work and the gym or doing whatever else (housework, errands, walking my dog) I am on my feet (until 9/10pm)..... nothing I did would help get the weight off.

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Date Added: 07/01/2016 by Mindy Hughes
I've been experiencing a lot stress late from my work. Smoking and drinking is the easiest and most accessible way to release my stress from work. I've noticed that my immune system is getting weaker and weaker and I'm gaining weight quickly. An office-mate of mine recommended me this product. The results were really great.It is a really good Anti-Oxidant that flush out bad toxins in my body and at the same time burns out fat into energy . I can now go to the gym and do my workout in the gym lively and actively.

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Date Added: 06/25/2016 by Paulette Carter
I started taking it on the 20th of May, by the 1st of June I had lost 7lbs.I take 1 as soon as I wake up with a multivitamin and I drink a lot of water throughout the day.The only side effect I had was a dry mouth which obviously forced me to drink a lot of water. I did NOT have jitters or a rapid heart rate. I felt full all day long. I never felt the urge to eat. At the end of the day I would force myself to eat dinner. I fixed a normal sized plate but could never finish it. After a few bites of food my stomach began to feel full.

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Date Added: 06/21/2016 by Marian Pratt
I have been a long-time user of [kw] extract. I recently decided to switch to this products because it is an excellent value. I always check the ECGC content in green tea and this brand has 45% per capsule which is one of the highest I've seen. ECGC is the beneficial catechin in green tea that helps with fat burning and boosting metabolism.

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