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Miaozi Slimming Capsule
[Miaozi Slimming Capsule]


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Date Added: 04/14/2016 by Antonia Floyd
it's a great product. I take 3 capsules twice a day as recommended, and in combination with a healthy, balanced diet (chock full of protein) and exercise a few times a week, I've lost a few pounds and feel great!

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Date Added: 04/06/2016 by Olga Gardner
I have to say... 1 week of having this pills an nothing. . 2 weeks nothing ..1 month 5 kg less but I have to say that I have finished the bottle an now I can tell the huge difference. It tooks like 2 month drinking 3 pills per day.

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Date Added: 01/14/2016 by Eula Francis
AMAZING results, down almost 20 lbs so far and on my 3rd bottle since October. Will definitely buy again if I need it, worth the money.

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Date Added: 01/13/2016 by Leah Saunders
So far they seem to be working great! I am noticeably less hungry and when I do eat I feel full much quicker than before. I have lost about 12 pounds until now.

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Date Added: 01/05/2016 by Courtney Pratt
I have been taking it over a week and lost 10 lbs. Of course, I had to adjust what I eat and do some exercises. Basically, eat less and move around more.

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Date Added: 01/01/2015 by Lorena Jefferson
Just started using for about a week haven't notice weight yet but can tell a difference in bathroom visits and energy level. Feel confident in the pills.

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