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Trim Fast Slimming Capsule


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Date Added: 09/03/2016 by Nora Fernandez
Just started this Trim Fast Slimming Capsule product and i can feel the effects especially with my cravings. I will definately be placing a new order.

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Date Added: 08/17/2016 by Monica Vaughn
My girlfriend bought these and has been using them for close to a month and I am impressed in her improvement so far. She has lost close to 10 lbs and has much more energy. She has even gone on a few runs with me.Definitely worth the price listed!

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Date Added: 08/03/2016 by Hilda Ellis
I don't take this every night but when I do I sleep like a baby and wake up with energy! I'm also taking digestive enzymes with every meal and I have lost 10 pounds in just 1 week without doing anything! I will definitely buy this product again.

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Date Added: 07/28/2016 by Gayle Cortez
I am 32 years old and I work on a desk job for 8 - 10 hours a day. I have very little exercise and very sedentary if you may call it. Since I started with my job I have problem controlling my weight. My workmates noticed how much I have changed since I have starting working from them. In the 3 years that I have worked with my job - I have gained 68 pounds and I could hardly fit on any of my working clothes. A workmate of mine recommended this product to me since she knows how much I have been trying so hard to control my meals just to lose some weight. I have seen terrific results after I have cosumed 2 bottles of this pill. I so love this product. 5 stars!

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Date Added: 07/21/2016 by Pam Taylor
"I am so excited about this product!! I like that it is pure and third party tested. This gives me confidence about the product. I have been using it for some days now and it reduced my appetite big time, I eat way less. And I feel happier. Great! I lost some weight already, a pound. No side effects. Also, I have been provided with helpful additional information and tips and an email that I can contact them whenever I need support. Great start! Now it’s up to you!! Pumped!!"

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Date Added: 07/16/2016 by Guadalupe Chapman
Ok, so it's my first day and I'm already writing a review. Why? Because it left an impression! I will definitely come back and update over time as to the results. First off, I have not taken a lot of fat burners or thermogenics or anything of the sort, I prefer doing most things without pills and am not looking for "a magic potion". What I was looking for was something to give me a boost at the gym, to give me more energy so I can have better workouts. I changed my eating habits about 4 months ago and had started exercising maybe 2 months ago and after losing about 13lbs, I simply stopped. So, I needed a little help. This morning I took 1 pill with water on an empty stomach and about 20min later I felt like I really, really needed to go work out! I got to the gym and had more intensity and energy than I have had in a long time! I was a bit jittery, but nothing crazy. Please note that I am also sensitive to caffeine and am not a coffee nor tea drinker. I did my normal workout routine and realized I needed less rest between sets than I normally do and then went off to do some cardio because even though that was not my initial plan, I felt I needed to go, go, go. It was great! Could've spent a lot of time today but didn't want to overdo things and get hurt especially since I'm going back again tomorrow. My plan is to take just 1 pill before the gym. Bottle says don't take more than 8 weeks at a time then give it a break for 2 weeks. At this point I am unsure if I could even handle this on days I'm not planning to go to the gym or have some serious plans to stay active. I could not sit still afterwards till about 3ish hours. It's cool, busy day and I had a lot to do. My house is so clean now and I got a great workout!

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Date Added: 07/11/2016 by Kristi Newton
I received it a few days ago. I workout 4 days a week. I am taking it and helps me keep the weight down with no side effects. This is a good product. I recommend it.

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Date Added: 07/05/2016 by Stacy Goodwin
I like this product. I feel brighter and more alert. I finally have enough energy at the end of the day to work out. It seems like I eat less at meals, like it has helped curb my appetite. I have faith that extended use of this product will give me a lot more results and really be the extra support I need in my weightloss journey.

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Date Added: 06/30/2016 by Lora Copeland
wake up with energy! I'm also taking digestive enzymes with every meal and I have lost 10 pounds in just 1 week without doing anything! I will definitely buy this product again.

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Date Added: 06/24/2016 by Kristin Massey
I found it on the internet while searching again in hopes of finding something that would help me. Started taking it on 6/6/2016, and have lost 2lbs in 4 days!!!! I have to make myself eat, trying to eat 4 - 5 small meals/snacks daily. I'm not hungry!!!!! Also I have extra energy but I'm not jittery! Has not interrupted my sleep at all. I take one in the morning and another around lunchtime, I am so excited to have finally found a product that is helping me control my appetite!!!!

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