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The most negative is the appetite suppressant really takes away your desire to eat; therefore, you must supply your body with plenty of water and other nutrients to prevent dehydration. Going from 77kg to 61kg in a month, great!

LOL. I can HONESTLY say, that with exercise, eating right, cutting calories, & drinking lots of water, while taking TRIM FAST, I have lost 23KG. In right 1 month. I am so happy that I have finally found something that really works FOR ME!! u decide to choose.... :-)

This is great! If you really want to lose weight (I don't know about you but I've been struggling with it all my life) this is the way to go. I've never lost weight so fast, I couldn't believe the scale.

This is pretty good since it doesn't make me jittery even when I drink coffee. You need to be consistent taking them. Because the most inspiring thing is I lost so much weight, how fantastic am I now .great trim fast.

I had been trying to be slim by doing some exercises but it is so hard to me because of my busy i came across 'Trim Fast" a diet pills sold on this website . now i have loosed 47 kg in less than 3 monthes.

This is an amazing dietary supplement that works great and fast. It does a great job of suppressing your appetite. It never left me with an upset stomach or other nasty side effects some other diet pills may give. Especially helpful when combined with a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Trim Fast not only helped me lose weight but it also gave me loads of energy. I felt like I could eat virtually anything I wanted without worrying about the calories since it manages the calories and manages my appetite. This product is great and I will never switch to another diet pill ever again!

This item for me has been very very useful because i tried every other kind of pills but i didn't have any results! With this diet pills i loose up weight i'd never thought i can ever lose!!!

Trim fast advance is a really good product, I have gotten very good results in 4 weeks with trim fast. I recommend trim fast to every person that wants burn calories quickly. It is fantastic!!

It's AMAZING!!! I've lost 29kg in only SIX WEEKS!!! I've tried and failed to lose weight before but NOW, after tried TRIM FAST, I feel sexy, free....and happier than ever!

I've been using Trim fast for a long time and I've lost 62kg,if you are consistent person I would recommend it to you,now its easier for me to eat healthy and to work out i'm not as big,i'm so happy I find trim fast here.

I feel like a totally different person, i can't believe how much better i look and feel, what a difference 3 months makes! I really enjoy this diet pills lose the weight

Woah an awesome capsules, i got them myself and they were really good i'm like new now, see my photos,definitely an amazing body now, i suggest you to try them you won't be disappointed, they are really good for your health and will lose your pounds.

I would recommend anyone to use this product, TRIM FAST SLIMMING CAPSULE. I started using it on Feb. 10 2013; I started out 125kg and now I weigh 65kg.lost like half of my pounds and feel slim and great. It’s too amazing, you don’t know how good am I now ,I took it combine with some exercise everyday, and never ate much sweet and fat .Thanks, keep up the good work

I took this pills and they really burn calories faster than everything I used before to lose weight. Now I have 63kg and I fell lighter than ever and more energetic, thank you !!!