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Fruta Planta Pills


When I start eating I have a really hard time getting myself to stop, I eat a lot of food during the day even when I’m not hungry. I've always been successful at controlling how much I eat with it, it is one of the only pills that I have found that works for me. When I had the opportunity to review these pills for a discount I bought them immediately. The pills came quickly . The pills are a manageable size; I usually have problems with pills getting stuck in my throat when I swallow them, but these I can swallow and not worry about getting stuck. These pills really help me to keep my food consumption to a minimum. I take three pills two times a day and that keeps me from eating more food than I should. The pills seem to kick in about an hour after you take them, and when I eat too much food I start to feel full and nauseous. I like taking these each day to help myself not eat so much food, I would recommend these pills to any one and I will most likely be ordering them again.
Date Added: 07/19/2016 by Mae Mcbride